Monday, 24 November 2008

day 329

Day 329
Prompt 329
"If you woke up this morning, it's time to celebrate!"
-Joe Takash
What are you going to celebrate today?

You know that dreadful problem when you have the dress and the shoes even the undies but help no bag to go with the outfit and you're going out in it before you will get a chance to shop again! Well that was me today. But someone was on my side I searched all over Reading with Mum and dad for jsut the right bag and lo and behold in the last shop before leaving there it was! So I'm celebrating my outfit being complete for friday and finding just the bag I fancied, shallow I know but hey what's a girl to do.

Layout 47
Scrap day 327 and design your layout around the weather that day

Here's my LO 47 too.


knitkath said...

Glad you found your bag! Lovely lo, nice warm feel to it!

Mary B said...

Well done on completing your LBN outfit now you will stun them all.
Lovely LO too

Minty Magic said...

You worked so hard to get to the right size to be able to wear the LBD, that why wouldn't you want just the right bag!!!!

Shirley said...

You did what a girl HAD to do Kay and went shopping :)
Lovely LO

Laura said...

That's a brilliant LO Kay - and just a perfect idea for the December Album. It would give me an excuse to drink a fancy Christmas Starbuck Coffee. :)