Thursday, 13 November 2008

day 318

Day 318
Prompt 318
"Never Say Never Again"
Sean Connery - 1983

I really need to learn to heed this warning, I'm better at it but still need to think before I speak. I have learnt at school not to say you waste my time and I'll waste yours as all that does is keep me in at break looking after whoever has fallen foul of me. But I need to think through the consequences for DD when needed so they don't cut my nose off to spite my face!!!


Steph said...

Oh dear Kay, sounds like you had a stressful day! Hope your cropping evening helps you relax

Summer Sunflower said...

I hope your evening out, takes your mind off the things that happened at work, Kay. hugs x

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Kay the photo and your journalling doesn't look or sound like you today!!

Shirley said...

Being a parent is one long learning curve Kay and you never stop learning !!!
You have a lovely DD to teach you though. lol