Sunday, 10 January 2010

Curly part three

Hi I've been reading all your blogs toy pals of mine and I think I need to give you a little more info on me.

So far I've learned I'm scared of almost everything, this was a surprise to my mum Kay she is used to confident children. I did make her very pleased yesterday when I introduced myself to two new friends, but I was sad I didn't get to stay with them for very long. I'm very happy I was soooo brave and it was certainly my biggest challenge yet!

Here is a piccy of me with the ladies at Poppycraft a lovely shop in Wallingford. There was sooo much super stuff there I'm really surprised mum spent so little.


AlliR said...

Wow you actually got to go a a real life craft shop, lucky you! Sorry you are scared of everything tho, I am sure Kay will soon have you more confident. Monkey x

Minty Magic said...

Wow lucky you Curly. Those two ladies look very lovely. I too am surprised that your mum didn't spend very much in there.
Claire is forever looking online for craft stuff
Love Pamela x

Lynne said...

Oh Curly you too live with a lady who likes those shops too!!
I am sure Lynne would have spent a lot of money in a shop like that!!
Sorry you are scared of a lot of things, I am busy thinking about all these things at the moment but I definitely know of something that really scares me!!
your friend Clemmie xx

Mary B said...

Oh glad you are getting adventuresome, that is much better than being scared.
Mary says she wouldn't have been so restrained if she had been there. Tell your mum she was very good

knitkath said...

Curly, it does get easier the more you go out, especially if you are with your Mummy! Glad you enjoyed the craft shop, I know our grown up friends like going to them and spending that stuff called money! Hedgie x

Shirley said...

Hey Curly girl, I did not realise you were so shy and afraid.
I reckon we need to get out together more, you look so cute I am sure you and my mates will get on well.
By the end of this year I reckon you will be a different girl.
Love and hugs

Summer Sunflower said...

Curly your Mummy certainly was very good not spending alot of money in the craft shop.

I am sure your Mummy will be able to help you overcome your shyness and make you feel more confident.