Wednesday, 8 October 2008

day 282

Day 282
For our 365er's across the pond.
Cockney rhyming slang is not a language but a collection of phrases used by Cockneys and other Londoners.Rhyming Slang phrases are derived from taking an expression which rhymes with a word and then using that expression instead of the word.
Prompt 282
"A penny for your thoughts"
This idiom is used as a way of asking someone what they are thinking about.

Here's my penny, and the thoughts are all of work today as I've been pretty busy. So I'm sure I'd have to pay you a sight more than a penny to listen to them! So I'll just say I'm thinking we don't have long to go on this project what will life be like at it's end????


knitkath said...

Good photo for today! Sure we wouldn't be too expensive to listen to you!

Paula said...

A penny doesnt pay for alot does it! Great photo. I wonder what we will all do at the end of 365ers too!

Steph said...

I like to think that at the end there will be the start of something new!

Shirley said...

I would listen for free Kay lol